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Montage Art - Frequently Asked Questions:


-How do you create Montage Art?

-What images can be included in my montage?

-Can photos taken by a professional photographer be used?

-Some of my photos have scratches, spots or other imperfections.   Can these be used? 

-How long will it take to receive my completed montage?

-I need my montage in a hurry, can you do it?

-Can you frame my Montage Art?

-Can you ship my finished Montage?

-What are your payment options?

-What is your Return Policy? 

-What is done with copies of the images used for my montage. . .
-How do I order Montage Art?


How do you create Montage Art?  Our designers create a custom montage from your favorite photographs, as well as other items that you may choose to include.  Your images are scanned into our computer to create high quality digital images.  Our designers then use several techniques to blend these images into a creative keepsake.  Your original images will be returned unharmed, along with your completed montage.


What images can be included in my montage?  If we can scan it, we can use it!  In addition to photographs, we can also use items such as medals, trophies, publication clippings, jewelry, fabric, ticket stubs, or invitations to create a treasured work of art.


Can photos taken by a professional photographer be used?  Photos with a copyright can only be used with the written consent of the photographer.  The exception to this is older photos where there was no copyright or the copyright has expired.  If you're not sure about any of the photos you want to use we can review them with you to confirm whether or not a consent would be needed.  In the event a consent is needed, the studio or photographer may be willing to supply you with a release if you contact them directly.  We are glad to assist you in this effort.


Some of my photos have scratches, spots or other imperfections.  Can these be used? 

We offer digital photo retouching and can fix most minor imperfections and damage such as creases, tears, blotches, spots and fading to enhance the quality of your photographs.   Basic retouching would be included in the price of your Montage Art.  If more extensive retouching is required, we would discuss and confirm with you any touch up work that would require an additional charge. 


Click here to view our Photo Retouching section & samples.



How long will it take to receive my completed montage?  It generally takes  5 to 15 business days depending on the complexity of your project and our workload at the time.  We will work with you to meet your deadline and confirm a delivery date upon receiving your images.


I need my montage in a hurry, can you do it?  If you need your montage in 4 days or less we may be able to accommodate it, however you may incur a rush charge.  Simply call or e-mail us to discuss specifics.


Can you frame my Montage Art?  We would love to!  Matting and framing of any montage is available for an additional charge.  We also offer several Montage Art Packages which include framing. 
Click here to view Montage Art Packages. 


Can you ship my finished Montage?  We are happy to ship your finished product to any destination. Shipping and handling will be added to your total project cost.  We automatically use ground shipping, however overnight or 2nd day delivery is available at an additional cost.


What are your payment options?  We accept cash, checks, and money orders as well as Visa and Mastercard.  If paying by check or money order, please make them payable to Clary Productions LLC. 


What is your Return Policy?    We have never had a montage returned to us.  However, if after receiving your montage you are unhappy with it, just return it in perfect condition and receive a full refund for the total of your project not including shipping charges.  We want you to love your Montage Art!


What is done with copies of the images used for my montage as well as my finished montage artwork?   Your original images are returned to you unharmed!  The scanned copies of these images along with a copy of the completed montage are saved onto a CD for up to a year, in the event you may want to get extra prints or reuse these images. 


In addition, Clary Productions reserves the right to use your Montage Art on our website gallery and in our marketing materials.  Most of our clients are comfortable with this, however, if you would prefer that we not use your montage, please write to us or call us.  We will certainly respect your wishes.


How do I order Montage Art?  It's Simple


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