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Montage Slideshow
Our Montage Slideshows include a selection of photos synchronized to music of your choice, with motion picture movement and special-effect transitions. A precious
keepsake for generations to come.  Prices start at $75. 

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Guests  will enjoy a slideshow of the bride and groom  through the years- what a touching prelude to that walk down the aisle! Or have your show playing at the rehearsal dinner or reception site as guests await the new "Mr. & Mrs." 

Have a family history slideshow created for parents
and grandparents. This will be the gift of a lifetime,
whether you have a surprise viewing at the rehearsal
dinner, or have a DVD or Video hand-delivered to
their home the day after your big event.

Our Montage Slideshow Greeting is a short collection of photos set to one song. This is a fun way to announce your engagement, invite guests to your event, or even propose!

Do you have elderly or far-away loved ones who are unable to attend the wedding? Send them a slideshow of favorite candid photos from the ceremony and reception to enjoy anytime- don't forget a copy for yourself!

Just back from your honeymoon!  Why not
create and relive those precious memories
over and over with a Montage Slideshow.

Montage Art
A collection of photos blended together into beautiful Montage Art.
Price starts at $85 for an 11x14 with 5 images.
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n Montage Art)
Rehearsal Dinner or Reception Displays
Montage Art makes a great display for greeting
guests as they arrive, or for the gift table.  It definitely
becomes a center of conversation.  Everyone loves
to look at photos and reminisce.  These displays
are often framed so that they go from the event
straight to your wall at home.   

Rehearsal Dinner Gifts

A gift of Montage Art is sure to be received with tears of joy.
Thank Mom and Dad for everything  they do with this unique
and timeless gift.  What a special way to show members of the bridal party how much they mean to you.  Give the gift of memories- a collection of photos from fun times together.

Post-Wedding Gift
Give a gift to yourselves! After the wedding, choose your favorite candid
photos to commemorate the day you joined your lives. 

Honeymoon Memories
Let us transform your precious honeymoon
photos and other memorabilia into beautiful Montage Art.  How about a poster style
montage of your honeymoon vacation. 
These fun and romantic images will
make a great addition to any room
in your home. 





Blocked Collages
A collection of photos arranged into a blocked style format.
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Blocked Collage of Couple's Individual and Family Photos from Childhood
and Photos of Couple together Prior to their Wedding Day - 58 Photos

Displayed at their Wedding and now Displayed in their home!


How about having a Signature Mat instead of a Guest Book?

         Display a framed signature mat and image of your choice at your
         rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception. Signatures and well
         wishes can then be added by family members, the bridal party
         and guests.  After your big event, let us create an Image Montage
         from your favorite photos to insert  inside the completed signature
         mat that can then be displayed in your home for years to come. 

         How often does anyone ever look at the guest book?
         What an impressive sight!   


      View details for our $129 Montage Signature Package

      as shown to the right, as well as our other packages.


         You may also purchase just a Signature Mat and
         Archival Pen Set.  Ask for Details.

If you have a special idea that you don't see on our web site please share it with us.  I’m sure we can create a custom piece for you that you will love displaying and sharing.  Personalized service is our guarantee!